Last month, on a chilly Thursday morning, we followed the Cleveland Golf Research and Development team to the range at Strawberry Farms Golf Club. That morning, they were in the process of testing the full line of 2013 clubs in preparation of the release date. After years of development, the team was excited about the 2013 line. They knew that they had engineered some of the best clubs that Cleveland Golf […]

Hey everyone! Lets continue the process of how we build golf clubs on the Tech Van. If you can remember our last post we just finished swing weighting the set of irons to their correct swing weight. Now we can go ahead and assemble the clubhead to the shaft. We start off by squeezing some of our epoxy. We attach a nozzle to the gun so that we know the […]

Hey Readers, Sorry about the long delay since the last post.  We have had a lot going on the past couple months.  The PGA Merchandise Show was keeping us busy, and then we have been getting ready for our new products, which launched just this past week! But lets get back to the Building Series. The last post in the series was about cutting the shafts to the correct length. […]

Hello readers, In this post we are continuing with the Building Series. The next step in the process is prepping the shaft and cutting it to its correct length depending on the iron it is going into.  Depending on what type of shaft you are using whether it is a tapper tip or a parallel tip shaft, there are a few different steps you have to take. With a parallel […]

Hello readers, We are going to be starting what we are calling “The Building Series.” In this series we’ll be going through step by step what we do on the Tech Van when we build your fitted clubs on the spot. For this first post we are going to show you our Mitchell Lie and Loft machine and how we use it in the building process. We use the lie […]

I’d like to start off this post by giving you a little background information on my partner. He has been building clubs since 1990 and for Cleveland Golf since 2006. His mechanical engineering degree helps him with understanding how the metals will react and behave in the building process. We have been having a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of each other on the building and fitting process. A […]

This past weekend we had a great time at some of the Dallas areas best tracks. Out of all the fits we did last week, one stood out to Simon and I. We fit this gentleman into a Launcher DST 9 degree with the stock 44 gram Red Diamana shaft in a regular flex. With this driver he increased his ball speed from 131 mph to 137 mph, his launch […]