Finding a set of irons is difficult; but finding a set of irons where each club is perfectly suited to your game, is near impossible. Cleveland Golf has changed that with the all new 588 Irons. It features three sets – the 588 Altitude, MT, and TT – each with a unique profile: Maximum Forgiveness in the Altitude, All-Around Performance in the MT, and Workability in the TT. All three […]

2013 Product Line: In Stores Everywhere! The time has come! Cleveland Golf has officially launched its new 2013 product line… Today in stores everywhere – and we couldn’t be more excited! Cleveland tour staffers all over the world have already embraced these new products and are hitting the ball longer, straighter and closer to the hole than ever before. This year, the equipment is just better – top to bottom. […]

Readers, For more than 25 years, Cleveland Golf wedges have been the standard by which all other wedges are judged. Our innovation and leadership have brought the wedge selection process from an afterthought to one of the most important decisions golfers make. It has always been our goal to provide the highest quality wedges to fit every golfer, not just tour players. Of course, fitting every golfer is not an […]

Readers, Recently, we discussed how Cleveland Golf’s emphasis on multiple wedge lofts has changed the way golfers approach the short game. Another way Cleveland Golf has brought game-changing innovation and improved performance to wedges is by offering multiple finishes. Each finish is unique and has its own advantages, from enhancing feel and reducing glare to adding style to players’ golf bags. We’re proud that we’ve brought multiple finishes to wedges […]

  Readers, Over the next few weeks, we’ll be documenting four of Cleveland Golf’s most significant wedge innovations. Cleveland Golf has long set the industry standard in the wedge category, and we certainly don’t plan on changing that any time soon. So, leading up to the release of our new wedge this fall, we wanted to take some time to remind you how we got to where we are today. […]

  Readers, For over 30 years, Cleveland Golf has been a leader in wedges. From the Cleveland Classic wedge of the early 1980s to the 588 Forged of today, Cleveland Golf has set the standard in wedge design and pushed the envelope with game-changing innovations such as multiple finishes, multiple bounces, Zip Grooves, Laser Milling and Precision Forging. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our unparalleled wedge testing, which […]

Readers, Over the last year many of you have been asking for the 588 Forged to become available in the always popular RTG finish.  Well, now it is!  The 588 Forged RTG will hit stores on September 21st but is available for pre-book now. For those who don’t know, RTG stands for Raw Tour Grind.  The RTG features a dynamic sole for maximum versatility around the green. This wedge maintains […]