Last week, we at Cleveland introduced our Fall 2013 line of products: The 588 Altitude driver, Smart Square putter and the Smart Sole wedges. Today, we are going to focus on the one product that may be a bit confusing to some of you; the Smart Sole wedges.

As you can see from the image above, these are NOT your average wedge and some golfers may ask “is this for me?” Well, truth be told, they are not for everyone. The Smart Sole wedges are designed specifically for higher handicap players who struggle around the green and want clubs that will make the game easier and more fun. If that is you, then look no further.

“We think that it’s really important to have products that target different types on consumers,” said Jeff Brunski, director of research and development. “We have muscleback wedges, we have cavity-back wedges, and for the players who just want to simplify the short game and make it easy, these products fill that target segment. Fundamentally, players with a 15 handicap or higher are well served by playing more-forgiving wedges, and these wedges are as forgiving as they get.”

With the Smart Sole wedges, we have created two clubs that can work in harmony to give you a complete short game solution. The Smart Sole C encourages crisper, more consistent greenside chips with easier control of launch and distance. The Smart Sole S features an optimal loft (58 degrees) and shape to promote more consistent contact and easier launch out of bunkers.

Chunking short chips on the fringe? No more. Skulling it over the green? Not you. Taking three, four, even five shots to get out of a bunker? Forget about it! The Smart Sole wedges WILL help you take the stress out of your short game.


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  1. Danny Helms says:

    what is the differences between the smart sole wedges and the niblick wedges? currently using the 42 and 56 degree original clubs (along with my HB3 irons) and really like them because of the flatter lie and ease of use. am looking to replace my 56 because my wife likes it and also to replace my 42 because of use and wear as I play a lot and use the 42 a lot. how do they compare with lie etc?

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  2. Greg Patrick says:

    When will the Smart Sole S Wedge be released in Australia?

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  3. Timothy Leung says:

    Are these smart sole wedges conforming clubs? Can I use them in Tournaments?

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  4. Alex says:

    Timothy, these are conforming and can be used for tournament play. All clubs that we produce conform to USGA standard.

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  5. Jacob Kim says:

    When will the Smart Sole S Wedge be released in South Korea?

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  6. Gary says:

    Alex – Are you saying that the Smart Sole C Wedge conforms to the 2014 grooves rule? Your 2009 Niblick had zip grooves that do not. I am very interested in the Smart Sole clubs, but not if they non-conforming for any reason.

    Please advise.



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  7. Wayne says:

    Is Smart Sole S Wedge currently conforming to USGA rules?
    Thank you.

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  8. […] Smart Sole Wedges: Are They For You? : Cleveland Golf … – what is the differences between the smart sole wedges and the niblick wedges? currently using the 42 and 56 degree original clubs (along with my HB3 irons) and really … […]

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