Hello friends.

It is that time of year. The Azaleas are in bloom and the grass is perfectly manicured. That’s right! We are talking about Augusta National and their world famous annual golf tournament.The tradition, the history, the memorable golf tournaments it has produced; We at Cleveland Golf love everything that Augusta offers and represents.

(Random Masters fact: Did you know that Cleveland Golf has won four jackets, in three different decades?)

Having said that, we thought to ourselves, “what could we do that would get people excited?” Then it dawned on us…FREE CLUBS! And not just any free clubs, but an amazing set of Augusta-themed wedges that we made on MyCustomWedge!

We didn’t want to just GIVE these away randomly, we wanted someone with a passion like ours to earn it. So, we decided to have a photo submission contest through Instagram. What type of photo you ask? A photo of what Augusta represents…to YOU. The idea is that it is pretty open-ended, so get creative. Whether it means it is the beginning of golf season, spring has sprung, or time to get your hands on some new Cleveland Golf gear; we want to know what it means to you!

We are so excited to see what everyone comes up with! Start submitting your photos today with #MyAugusta. You can learn more about this exciting contest here and follow us on Instagram.


8 Responses so far.

  1. Frank McDowell says:

    Love those wedges!!!!!!!

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  2. Bob Robinson says:

    Best wedges I have ever played,,played sixty years,,,still binging it a little,,come on Masters!!

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  3. Larry Reaves says:

    13 is my favorite number

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  4. Jon Roudabush says:

    Looking forward to playing my best round with my new Wedges!!!!

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  5. justus says:

    Those are awesome. I would love to have them.

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  6. T DiFede says:

    Have the 54 & 60 wedges….Best wedges I have ever played!!!!!!!

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  7. T DiFede says:

    I like how they play and feel better than vokey’s

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