As a leader in wedge manufacturing and technology, Cleveland Golf is always striving to create new and innovative tools to help you utilize your wedges more effectively. Since golfers hit more shots inside of 120 yards than anywhere else on the course, it is vital to build the perfect wedge mix in order to shoot lower scores and play more enjoyable golf.

Recently, we released a brand new, state of the art Fitting System, which features interchangeable wedge heads that provide a multitude of loft, bounce, lie angle and model options, and are accompanied by a variety of interchangeable wedge shafts. As one of the only companies in the industry to have this feature available, you now have the ability to get fit for new wedges, just as you would with irons. Our Wedge fitting process is broken down into four main segments: Model, Loft Mix, Bounce Angles, and Custom Options.

1. Model: Choosing the model wedge you are looking for is the first step in creating your perfect wedge mix. This is where you decide if you are looking for a more forgiving wedge, like the 588 RTX CB, or a more versatile option, like the 588 RTX.

2. Loft Spacing: You want to build a wedge mix that creates an even distribution (which is ideally 4-6 degrees) between clubs. Based on the loft of your current Pitching Wedge, you will be able to build out a mix of at least three wedges that will work in collaboration with your irons to cover all distances into the green. For example, if you have a 46 degree PW, you could use a wedge mix of 52, 56, and 60 degrees.

3. Bounce Angle: Bounce is subjective to a player’s attack angle and the conditions that you play. This may include turf conditions, climate, type of bunkers, etc. For this, you should talk with your fitter and clearly explain what your home course is like. For firmer conditions or a shallow attack, you make want a lower bounce wedge. For someone with a steeper attack or who plays in softer condition, a higher bounce option may be best. Here is a diagram of the three bounce options:

4. Custom Options: The custom options available in our Fitting System would include length/loft/lie adjustments, custom shafts, and custom grips. Our carts include a multitude of shaft options from top shaft manufacturers like True Temper, KBS, Project X, Miyazaki, and more.

After going through this fitting, you will have created a mix that will help improve your play into and around the green, resulting in lower scores and more enjoyable golf. Learn more about our wedge fitting in the video below featuring Product Manager, Brian Schielke.

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