2013 Product Line: In Stores Everywhere!

The time has come! Cleveland Golf has officially launched its new 2013 product line… Today in stores everywhere – and we couldn’t be more excited!

Cleveland tour staffers all over the world have already embraced these new products and are hitting the ball longer, straighter and closer to the hole than ever before.

This year, the equipment is just better – top to bottom. It’s been a pretty easy switch.
-Keegan Bradley

Here’s a quick primer on the new clubs in stores today. If you have any questions on any of these products, please comment. Or, tell us what you’re looking forward to playing!

588 RTX Wedges. Featuring our most advanced spin technology ever – the Rotex Face – in a blade design for more versatility. More spin thanks to 16% larger grooves and two advanced surface roughness technologies. Pros have been raving about Rotex and the increased control from every lie – you’ve got to try it to believe it! Explore More.

I think the new wedges have made the biggest difference. I’ve never been able to spin the ball like I have until I’ve played with Rotex. I used to watch balls just kind of release and now they’re checking up. The control that I have with these wedges now is unbelievable.
-Charlie Beljan

588 Irons. The new 588 MT (Mid Trajectory) and TT (Tour Trajectory) irons complement the 588 Altitude irons released in the fall. With three different flight, feel and forgiveness profiles, 588 irons offer the Ultimate Fit for every player. All irons feature Face Forged technology for enhanced speed and feel. The MT has quickly made its way into the bags of many Cleveland staffers. Explore More

I like the 588 MTs. I’m just trying to replace my two hybrids. They feel really good, and I’m getting the same height and distance out of them. I’ve also liked the 588 TT irons so far. I’ve always been used to playing a little bigger iron with offset, and these don’t have quite as much offset but they’ve still been really good for me.
-Troy Kelly

Classic XL Woods. The Classic XL driver offers enhanced variable face thickness technology for even more distance and forgiveness. The Classic XL Custom, Cleveland Golf’s first adjustable driver, has that same technology and a range of fitting options. The Classic XL Fairway and Classic hybrid offer more distance through a lower, deeper center of gravity and are ideal for all player types. These woods have been hot on tour – currently, three of the top 10 in PGA TOUR driving distance are swinging a Cleveland! Explore More.

I didn’t totally plan on switching until I took one swing with it at home at The Bear’s Club, and I hit it so good that it’s been in the bag ever since. It’s just a better driver for me, it feels really good. It’s definitely going further than my old driver, that’s for sure.
-Keegan Bradley

Again, let us know if you have any questions on these awesome products or what you’re looking forward to hitting!

Want to know if a Demo Day could be in your area soon?  Click here

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  1. Dennis Murawski says:

    I am a Cleveland Golf product user for the past 12 years. Everything in my bag is Cleveland – Never Compromise putter – and I use nothing but Srixon golf balls. I am very pleased and totally happy with all three companies. But I do not like the Cleveland Golf caps. I wear the structured-look caps and to me, they do not look as sharp or as good as other manufacturers caps. Maybe Cleveland should think of changing cap companies. (And on a navy or black colored cap maybe put a Classic XL logo on the side in gold lettering). That would be nice. Our (cleveland) caps are too plain and dull-looking. They need a little “life” added to them.
    Dennis Murawski

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  2. kiichi kumagai says:

    I would like to look at your irons with large flange irons which are becoming popular
    on the seniors tour. eg 42 degrees and lower because iI have more success with
    hybrid types of golf clubs

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  3. Dick Rasmussen says:

    Do you manufacture 7 woods similar to the Launcher style?

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