Recently, we discussed how Cleveland Golf’s emphasis on multiple wedge lofts has changed the way golfers approach the short game. Another way Cleveland Golf has brought game-changing innovation and improved performance to wedges is by offering multiple finishes.

Each finish is unique and has its own advantages, from enhancing feel and reducing glare to adding style to players’ golf bags. We’re proud that we’ve brought multiple finishes to wedges for more than 25 years.

It started back in 1987 with the BeCu (Beryllium Copper) finish in 485 wedges, which provided softer feel in addition to a cool copper look. The next significant finish was Raw Tour Grind, or “RTG”, that was released to the masses in 1996 after overwhelming demand and success on tour. RTG is an unchromed, special grind version of the 588 wedge, with the head designed to rust over time. These wedges are particularly renowned for their feel, resistance to glare, and even enhanced spin.

Cleveland Golf also set a high standard for darker-finish wedges that resisted glare, starting with Gun Metal and progressing into Black Pearl. First introduced in the CG10 wedge, Black Pearl has remained a staple in Cleveland’s wedge lines thanks to its sleek style and ability to better frame the ball at address.

Other popular finishes have included Chrome, BeNi (Beryllium Nickel) and Satin Chrome.

So, what’s your favorite finish?

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  1. Kyler says:

    RTG 588 old versions are the wedges I still find easiest to hit and control. I can throw the ball to any location.

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  2. Keith McDonald says:

    The CG15 oil Quench 60 degree is the best wedge I’ve ever played.
    Also have the 56, which has greatly improved my 70 yard shots.

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  3. jeff says:

    The 588 wedges are the best that I’ve played. I’m very pleased that the good people at Cleveland are releasing the wedges that will rust to the general public fantastic!

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  4. IceyShanks says:

    Black Pearl is awesome reducing glare!!

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  5. Gary says:

    I am a huge fan of the gun metal 588 wedges…I have the old ones, buy any that I can in good shape. They feel the best to me.

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  6. Carlos says:

    I have two CG15 (52° and 58°) Black Pearl and I love them. Excellent accuracy from any lie.

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  7. Mel says:

    I have the Black Pearl 46*, 50*, 54*, & 58* CG15′s. Really like the finish. I started years ago with the 900 Gun Metal & really got into the finish with them. The Gun Metal is still my favorite!

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  8. Bruce McRae says:

    Frankly, boys, is there a Cleveland wedge that isn’t easy to hit? The “favorite” is the one which happens to be working at a particular point in time.

    Beauty? How about the Beryllium Nickel.
    Tough as Nails: The RTG
    Touchie/Feelie: The Beryllium Copper
    The One You Would Recommend to a Friend: Any
    The One You Would Recommend to a Friend Who Beats You All the Time: Something other than a Cleveland.

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  9. Tim A Travis says:

    The feel of the new 588 is great but the old 588 is the best wedge ever and the 60 and 64 with the low bounce 4 was outstanding. You can not get the new 588 to have a low leading edge unless you grind them. Would love the old 588 to come back. All I have ever played is cleveland. The old 588 is made for the pros only with the new grooves. You really ought to give the consumer the option. Go Cleveland.

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  10. Steve says:

    I still say the TA 900 is just about the perfect wedge design, i had the BRZ and the RTG 900′s in the bag for many years. I wish they would introduce an updated ‘classics’ of them the way they did the 588′s i have in the bag right now.

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  11. Gareth burkitt says:

    I’m getting the 54 degree CG15 oil quench wedge on thursday for my birthday and I can’t wait for it to arrive :)

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  12. josh cannon says:

    I started golf this year and have been using an older rtg 56 degree it has been the club that has really let the golf addiction set in and has helped me countless times….thanks cleveland.

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  13. peter says:

    i cannot get info for multi finish wedges, when will all be available

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