For more than 25 years, Cleveland Golf wedges have been the standard by which all other wedges are judged. Our innovation and leadership have brought the wedge selection process from an afterthought to one of the most important decisions golfers make. It has always been our goal to provide the highest quality wedges to fit every golfer, not just tour players.

Of course, fitting every golfer is not an easy task. That’s why we were a pioneer in having multiple bounce options in wedges.

“Bounce” is the angle – in degrees – between the ground and the club’s sole plane. At impact in soft turf or sand, a higher bounce angle increases the upward force on the sole of the club to prevent digging. For firm turf and sand, a lower bounce angle improves contact by reducing this resisting force, allowing the leading edge to easily slide underneath the ball.

Generally, wedges with higher bounce can benefit players with a steeper attack angle, while those with a shallower angle of attack can benefit from lower-bounce wedges. Standard bounces accommodate the largest variety of turf, sand and swing types.

This is not a sure-fire way to fit everyone, which is why Cleveland Golf encourages every player to go through a wedge fitting and find the correct wedges for their game.

Back in 2000, Cleveland Golf introduced low-bounce options in the 900 wedge line. Then, in 2004, CG10 wedges incorporated high-bounce options and the accompanying dot labeling system: one dot for low bounce, two dots for standard bounce, and three dots for high bounce.

In addition to featuring a tour-proven shape and incredible feel, Cleveland Golf’s 588 Forged wedge line offers low, standard and high-bounce options to fit the needs of every player. This range of offerings continues to pace the wedge market.

What are the bounces on your wedges?

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  1. Patrick Whitt says:

    So what numbers correspond to standard bounce? 8? 6?


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  2. Tony says:

    This is an interesting explanation, but it would be really instructive to further explore the subject with info on how sole width impacts bounce, and on variable bounce soles such as the RTG

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    switched to cleveland wedges last deember,now ahve all cleveland wedges 4,the gc7 irons and now goinf to the black love cleveland

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  4. Mike Lynch says:

    Bounce is the area I was most concerned about while researching wedges.

    The Cleveland website and on-line tool were exteremely helpful. What really helped was meeting Blake Bruner, Jeff Ely, and Kevin Napier at the PGA Tour Superstore in Atlanta during a Cleveland fit van event. They not only answered all of my questions but also gave me two options for closing the gap between my existing wedges. Trying the different options and getting additional tips was a great experience. Thanks!

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  5. Ted Reidinger says:

    I love all of my Cleveland clubs. I get good scores, distance and accuracy that will help in the upcoming tournament that I’ll be a part of at Rancho Bernardo Inn on the 26th of this month. PLAYBOY here I come.

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  6. Gil B. says:

    I’ve tried all the big name brands with all their hoopla about the performance of their wedges, as well as the other clubs they make. In my mind Cleveland has great products, especially in the wedges. I’ve tried all their models over the years and they out-perform all other challengers. Great job Cleveland, keep up the good work.

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  7. Jim M says:

    Three seasons ago I started with a 60 degree later that season I added a 52. Last year a 46 and this year a 56 to replace my sand wedge. All Cleveland clubs. I use to dread the 100 yard or less shot, not any more.

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  8. artificial says:

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  9. elphin says:

    Bought used cg52 & cg56 practice in my back yard probably the easiest wedges I own, and I’ve collected over 100. The lower bounce is what seems to work for me.

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