Over the next few weeks, we’ll be documenting four of Cleveland Golf’s most significant wedge innovations. Cleveland Golf has long set the industry standard in the wedge category, and we certainly don’t plan on changing that any time soon. So, leading up to the release of our new wedge this fall, we wanted to take some time to remind you how we got to where we are today.

Let’s start with Multiple Lofts.

We believe having proper wedge loft gaps is essential to short-game success, and we’ve been preaching this for years.

When the original 588 wedge was introduced in 1988, it was available in lofts of 50° and 56°. One year later, a 60° model was added. Realizing the need to bring “a new level of predictable excellence” in the short game, Cleveland Golf continued to expand loft offerings with the 53° “Diadic” wedge and the 49° Special Pitching Wedge.

Pros and amateurs saw the benefits of multiple wedges, and as time went on, our engineers realized the need for proper gap spacing and kept adding more lofts.

Today, the 588 Forged wedge is available in lofts of 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 62° and 64°. There’s an incredible range of wedge combinations available for any golfer looking to improve their short game, and we take pride in educating golfers on knowing how to select the right lofts. After all, wedges affect the outcome of every shot you hit inside 120 yards.

What lofts do you have in your bag?

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  1. paul leary says:

    how do you hit a wedge when it is on hardpan no grass underneath the ball?

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  2. Jim Beatty says:

    I just ordered a 588 wedge from golf galaxy yesterday it is to be shipped to my home address they told me 3 weeks is that the best you can do ? 54 degree 8 degrees bounce and + .50 with a standard lie and standard grip . I would like to use it this year in one of the fall series Golf Channel am Tour tournaments.Thanks Jim Beatty (502-727-9248)

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  3. tim obrien says:

    How do you know when you need to replace your wedges? I have a 56* & 60* black pearl 588 wedges that are 3-4 years old. I tried to replace them with Ping wedges a couple years ago but went right back to my “old reliable” 588 wedges. My concern now is that the grooves are getting worn and it’s probably time to replace, Any advice?

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  4. kris says:

    45 PW, 50 A wedge, 55 SW, 60 LW, and my baby, a 64° Super lob. I am a good pitcher/chipper from inside 30 yards, but I don’t know how I got along before I got my 64 a month ago. So versatile and awesome.

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  5. Murray says:

    For many a year I used to use just a standard wedge and sand wedge, I used to control my distances with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 swings etc with a resonable amount of good judgment of distances etc, and if I needed to get the ball up in a hurry or a flop shot, I used to open the face, taking the chance of not hitting it in the guts etc.
    I carry 4 wedges now, if I had to go back to just the 2 wedges, I am sure my score would be 4-6 shots or worse per round.
    Cleveland, you make the best wedges, and it would be hard to believe if your can improve or make them even better.

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  6. Mel says:

    I carry 4 wedges. The CG15 46*, 50*, 54*, & 58* with standard bounce. At times I go with a 52* in place of the 50* & 54* but soon go back to the 4 setup. The short game is what I depend on & these wedges do it all for me.

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  7. Doug Atkinson says:

    I played 588 wedges, the older ones for years. I left my clubs alone for 5 minutes and when I came back my 588′s were gone. Since then I have tried many combinations of Vokey wedges but since the 588s have come back on the market I have replaced my gap wedge, 52 – 8, with a 588 and will be replacing my sand and lob wedge shortly. Great wedges the 588s

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  8. Craig says:

    iI have a 44 * PW so in keeping with Clevelands spacing between wedges I ordered new custom 588 wedges I ordered a 48 and had it made 1 degree weak to 49*s and a 54* SW and a 58* and also ordered it 1 degree weak to 59* and I had a 64* so my spacing is 5* bewteen all my wedges. I’m so happy with this that I ordered a second set of wedges to put in my bag at my vacation home. I have tryed other wedges and I wouldn’t go back to any of them.

    Cleveland keep up the good work,
    Best wedges I have ever played and I have been playing for over 30 years

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  9. Charles says:

    I have never been a good wedge player. While playing with a friend, he hit an amazing lob shot. When I complimented him on the shot, he said, it’s not me, it’s these Cleveland wedges. The next week I went to my local golf shop to try these out. After hitting a variety of Cleveland wedges I settled on the 588 forged. The most balanced and best feeling wedge I have ever hit. I now have a set, 52*, 56*, 60*. I have cut my average score by 5 shots within only a few weeks. I love these clubs so much I’m now thinking about switching out my irons for a set of 588s.

    Thanks Cleveland !

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  10. ben says:

    trying add another wedge to my bag i have a 60 56 and a pw that came with the set ta5 and i beleive it’s a 45 degree what do you recommend

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