We continue our blog series on the 588 Forged Wedge with a closer look at the shaft that makes it all possible.  The Tour Concept Shaft, co-designed and engineered with True Temper is known around the office as “the shaft with more spin.”  True Temper is the industry leader in steel shafts, so co-engineering a shaft with them was a no-brainer for Cleveland Golf, and putting it in our industry leading wedges was another no-brainer.  The Tour Concept Shaft sets itself apart from the competition for a variety of reasons:

A Unique Stiffness Profile:

The Tour Concept has been designed with a less active shaft tip and a higher kick-point than a traditional wedge shaft.  This stiffness profile decreases the launch angle for more control and increased spin from all yardages.

Steeper Attack Angle:

The advanced construction of the Tour Concept encourages a slightly steeper angle of attack into the ball.  This also enhances spin and stopping power on the green.

Tour-Proven Performance:

True Temper has been the No. 1 steel shaft on the PGA Tour for more than 70 years.  Professionals rely upon the high quality and consistent feel that have made the brand a staple for players of all skill levels.  Quality and feel are also at the core of the Tour Concept.

Variable Wall Thickness:

Variable Wall Thickness is unique from True Temper.  With this technology, it allows the shaft’s wall to vary in thickness (as the name would suggest) throughout the shaft.  The exterior of the shaft will look normal, but the inside walls of the shaft will vary to allow for a stiffer tip, while maintaining feel.

Along with the Tour Concept Shaft, we are now offering Collegiate Shafts.  Chose from over 50 of your favorite colleges, and show off your team spirit no matter where you play golf!

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  1. travis says:

    Buyers be aware that these new Tour Concept shafts are softer than ever. Had the shaft tested today in my new 588′s and it showed to be a senior flex shaft. The guys at Golf Galaxy and Golf Smith were not aware of this till now and could’nt believe it. Now its going to cost me 150 bucks to get (FOR REAL) stiff shafts on them. So Buyer BEWARE…

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  2. Nicholas says:


    The info given to you by whoever measured this is not interpreting the data correctly. The Tour Concept Shaft is measured for stiffness at every inch of the shaft. Near the top of the shaft, just under the grip, it is slightly more flexible, this is where the kick point is located in the shaft. The tip of the shaft is reinforced with Variable Wall Thickness to insure the proper stiffness for a lower launch. For more information, you can visit True Tempers website at:

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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  3. travis says:

    Nick, based on the frequency test done at both places what you are saying is not factual. They are much softer according to the charts. As a scratch golfer it took only one shot to feel it. As a business strategy you guys should offer different stock shafts to compensate for varying swing speeds or work with the retail outlets in portraying a consistent message.

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  4. Austin says:

    I received my new Cleveland Custom 588 today in the mail. I am little put off by this shaft as well. The thing that gets me is that it is the diameter of a women’s shaft. I didn’t realize when I ordered the Winn grip that it was a women’s grip, but none the less my club maker had to put on 4 wraps of tape to get a standard men’s grip to even stay on the club. I do disagree with the other gentleman’s comment. There is no way this is a senior shaft. In fact, I have True Temper Tour Issue S400′s in my other wedges, and this is every bit as firm. I am actually having to adjust for a very straight shot. I hit a 5 yard draw with my S400′s and hit this shaft dead straight. This is not even close to a senior flex. I love, love, love the clubhead but the shafts have to go. They really take away from an otherwise outstanding wedge in my opinion.

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