This week was an exciting one for us on Tour! Our staffers were introduced to our new 588 Forged line of wedges and irons. Although our staffs are involved throughout the design process, this was their first opportunity to see the finished product. The feedback was nothing short of spectacular.

Common words used this week to describe the wedges were: pure, money, sweet, sooo soft, classic, and SIIICCCKK! Players got what they expected in the shape, after all, it is a 588. While we knew the Precision Forging would bring an unprecedented feel to this classic shape, we could not have predicted the amount of positive comments regarding the feel compared to its predecessor and competition!

We also introduced two sets of 588 Forged irons to our staffers this week. The comments on these pretty much mirrored those about the wedges. Staffer and 2010 Ryder Cupper Jeff Overton was the lucky recipient of the very first set of 588 MBs, and put them in play right away! He commented repeatedly about the feel and flight of this set–we are excited to get his thoughts following his first competitive tourney with them.

Finally, we also debuted a couple additions to our Mashie Family this week. Our staffers got the opportunity to test the brand new Mashie Fairway and re-designed hybrid for 2012. They both feature Gliderails on the sole and time and time again players were amazed at the lies they were able to hit solid shots from with both the Fairway and Hybrid.

Overall, it was a successful week of product debuts. 17 new 588 Forged wedges, 1 set of 588 Forged MBs, and 3 new Mashies were put into play for this week’s event.

Next week, we will do more testing with the rest of our staff and gather some feedback from those that put new product in play this week!

One last note: Greame McDowell put his new 588 Forged wedges into play in Europe this week and finished T3rd at the Dunhill Links Championship!  Congrats on a great week, GMac!

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  1. Anjo says:

    Cant wait to see the finished product myself! Must be pretty cool!

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  2. Mel says:

    When are we going to be able to buy them? I have missed the 588′s.

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