Are you on twitter?  Are you itching for more Cleveland Golf Tour related news?  Do you like seeing what equipment PGA Tour players are using?  Do you own a 1994 Ford Taurus?  If you answered yes to at least two of those questions you should probably start following @GCSrixonTour on twitter!

As you may know, Cleveland Golf and Srixon have both maintained their own twitter handles for a while now.  However, we thought one thing we could improve on was giving you, our loyal customers and fans, an inside look at our Tour happenings, hence the launch of @CGSrixonTour.  This account will be your behind the ropes live feed of all things Tour related from PGA Tour, to Nationwide Tour and even some Hooters Tour.

This isn’t just us reporting, either.  The man who will be doing the majority of the tweeting (lets call him Sebastian) is one of our actual Tour Representatives.  He is a grizzled vet, who knows these tour players well.  He has spent years building clubs and establishing relationships on tour and he is anxious to share this information with you.  Sebastian is out in Vegas this week, reporting live and building clubs, anxiously awaiting followers!

So, if you want the inside scoop on Tour equipment (who knows, we might actually release some never before seen product if you are lucky) then you should definitely be following @CGSrixonTour!

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  1. G>"Jerry" La Marche says:

    Just purchased of graphite shafted irons – 4 to D are called Tour Action (TA7) , still wrapped in a plastic type film and cannot find them in your product listing ….. are these not current in your line ???? ….. love the clubs … just curious about history…

    Jerry La Marche

    Registered; Confirmation Code: 4A3AJ1HDBB …

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  2. Mike says:

    The TA7 hasn’t been a current Cleveland product since 2002-2003. Hope that helps Jerry. Cleveland’s current irons are the CG16, CG16 Tour.

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