Readers, I am happy to tell you that Staffer, Chris Wilson has Qualified for the U.S. Open at Congressional next week!  I was able to catch up with Chris earlier this week to talk about his qualifying experience, and to look ahead just a little bit to the week ahead.

Tell us about the Qualifier?

Well you know it is going to be long at 36 holes in one day.  So I went in just trying to stay patient because so much can happen in such a long day.  You know, I was just trying to keep my energy up but stay patient at the same time.  Luckily I was able to make a lot of pars.  When you make a lot of pars the birdies just follow.

How did you feel coming into yesterday based on recent success?

I have been playing really well.  Recently I have had two 2nd place finishes on the Hooters Tour so I feel pretty good right now.  I played in the Qualifying the last three years, so I think that helped with my confidence.

What is the main thing you are focused on, heading into Congressional?

First and foremost, just to enjoy the week.  I think I just need to put myself in a position where I am comfortable.  If I get comfortable then I can play my best golf.  Everyone will be dealing with nerves.  I mean, it is our National Championship, everyone is going to be nervous.  I just hope I can stifle the nerves and play good golf.

They say it is the longest U.S. Open course ever, how does that fit your game?

Well, I don’t hit it super long, but I’m not a short hitter either.  I guess it is better to be straight than long, so that is where my focus will be.  There will be guys hitting it longer and guys hitting it shorter than me, so I can’t really worry about that.  I just need to get it in play off the tee and go from there.

Do you have a specific goal for the week?

Simple answer: No.  I know that isn’t the best answer for an interview (laughs). But, I really just don’t have anything specific.  I guess I would say my goal would be to prepare well.  If I prepare as well as I can prepare, the scores will come.  Also, to enjoy it.  (Laughs) New goal: Enjoy it.

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