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Just wanted to check in with you all and make sure you knew about one feature of our website that may sometimes go unnoticed: The Fitness Section one CGTV .  As we know, fitness is a very important part of golf, not to mention an important aspect in your everyday life.  To help you in your desire to not only golf better, but live better, CGTV features exercise videos to help golfers of all skill levels improve their games and lifestyle.  Each video essentially has two purposes: to improve your golf swing thus lowering scores, and to improve your overall fitness and well being.

Cleveland Golf/Srixon has looked to Fitness and Strength Coach,  Joey D to provide detailed video instruction for Golf Fitness.  Joey D has long been on the forefront of Golf Training after developing the GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer in 1987.  He has also released the book: “Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing” that dives deep into the physical aspects of the golf swing.  Over the years Joey D has trained numerous tour pros, most notable Vijay Singh who he trained while he was Number One in the OGWR. Check out his book here!

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  1. Ken Pierce says:

    This book is a great read and explains golf biomechanics in a manner that is easy to understand. The personal assessments and exercise prescriptions will surely help fix your body to fix your swing.

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  2. Larry says:

    Fitness is a relative issue related as much to age as it is to your lifestyle or exercise habits. I am 72 (soon 73). What do you recommend for the older golfer to last as long as they can? I do not want to stop golfing!

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  3. Louise Helseth says:

    I have a fitting appointment Tuesday. Are you located at 5601 Skylab road. HB?

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  4. Nicholas says:

    @Louise yes we are!

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