SPOILER ALERT: This is not a weight loss supplement, you will not lose weight by using this product.  This product is not designed to help you achieve your New Years Resolution (unless your Resolution was to add yardage off the tee by buying a new driver), and this product will not help you impress the opposite gender… Unless the opposite gender digs the long ball.

Last year Cleveland Golf hit you with the Launcher Ultralight Driver, which, at the time, was the lightest driver on the market.  This year we have stepped up our game, introducing four new drivers, all of which bring weight into focus.  Now, be warned (I probably should have put this in the SPOILER ALERT section) this is not a white golf club.  “But Cleveland Golf, how can I play it if it doesn’t have white paint on it?”  Our response: Simple, the same way you have been playing drivers for years, by looking for the best technology.

Weight has long been ignored in the golf industry as an important factor when designing a golf club.  Cleveland is bringing it to the forefront, designing a range of drivers that best fit a wide range of golfers.  Think about weight like this: Does it make sense for your 14 year old son to be playing the same weight driver as a tour player like Jeff Overton?  Probably not.

Take a look at this video for a little bit of knowledge on weight in the driver category.

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  1. Bob Nelson says:

    Sounds reasonable. I’ll be trying each one at my golf shop as soon as available. At my age and strength I need more distance but of course I need straight !

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  2. JT Strong says:

    Well, just about anything can be rationalized. We old dudes get through life easier pushing paper than boulders. but we also tend to over do/control the light-weight stuff. Light weight golf clubs allow, and in fact encourage, the player to swing harder than is necessary. This invariably screws up the swing, and, hence, the shot. There’s a happy medium in this equation for every player. I hope y’all have hit on the solution with these new drivers! I look forward to trying them.

    JT Strong
    Escondido, CA
    Interlink Golf System Instructor

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