So, for those of you who didn’t follow us on team red I wrote a blog about a year ago on how the lunch bet is the favored currency in R&D.  Feel free to read the old blog post at the end:

Anyway, Friday turned out to be lunch bet day.  The first one was over whether or not one of the guys could still dunk a basketball. Most of us were convinced that turning 30 cost him his vertical.  Eating lunch before the event, the discussion turned to running feats of strength and Tom (the new guy) said he could easily run a mile in 6 minutes 40 seconds. When he started to get cocky and say he could do it right now in his work clothes that is when he got taken up on the lunch bet.

Friday ended with a quick stroll around the block for Tom, a little bit of vomit half way, and a free lunch. Here is Tom coming down the home stretch…. Enjoy.

I will blog again, unless this one really does get me canceled…

Tom’s Run from Cleveland Golf – Srixon on Vimeo.

So there is nothing like a free lunch, or make that a lunch won.  Before I get going, here is a warning. This entry is definitely not a ‘how do we make golf clubs’ entry. It is a ‘what do us jokers do for fun’ entry. So, I fully understand if you want to stop reading now.

Seriously, it’s okay.

Well, thanks for staying.  Anyway, there is no bigger commodity in R&D than the lunch bet.  It is the universal currency for all disagreements, the standing bet in any golf outing, and the greatest asset come 11:30-12:00. ‘Hey, don’t you owe me a lunch?’

In the old days, it used to be a hamburger bet and was generally limited to golf specific applications. “I think the USGA is going to have a problem with that insert”… “Really, Hamburger bet?”….”Done.”  Over time, it evolved into a general lunch bet since we started eating too many In-N-Out lunches for our waistlines.

As the hamburger bet evolved into the lunch bet, the golf restriction fell by the way side.  It soon became the first step in any discussion.

“I bet at least 1 lacrosse goalie dies every year.”… “Lunch Bet”

“Roger Federer is easily 30 years old”…”Lunch Bet”

“I bet you more people die from vending machines than shark attacks”… ”Lunch Bet”

“I bet you can’t fill out every state and capital in 5 minutes”… ”Lunch Bet”

“European countries and capitals?”… “ Lunch Bet”

“Pool ball colors and numbers?”… “ Lunch Bet”

“Dart board number locations?”… “ Lunch Bet”

“Number of engagements within R&D in the next year?”… “ Lunch Bet”

“Over/under on baby birth date?”… “ Lunch Bet”

If bets on knowledge weren’t enough, feats of strength were the next logical progression.

“It is easy to hold your breath for a minute”…”Lunch Bet”

“I can throw a baseball a hundred yards”…”Lunch Bet”

“6 packages of Saltines in a minute, no problem”…”Lunch Bet”

“A 5.3 in the 40 yard dash should be easy”…. “Lunch Bet”

“I can handle a Carl’s Jr. Chili Cheese Six Dollar Burger, fries, and still drink a shake”…. “Lunch Bet”

Since then, the lunch bet has gotten a little out of control. Every now and then, a Friday afternoon rolls around and the focus just isn’t there.  Those days lead to the great lunch bets.  After lunch, everyone can generally identify the guy who just doesn’t have it today and through a little peer pressure we can usually talk him into a lunch bet.

“I bet you can’t run to the fitting studio (0.4 miles), get the fitter’s autograph, and run back in under 5 minutes”…”Lunch Bet”

“You won’t drink a glass of water from the fish tank”…”Lunch bet”

“I bet you can’t stand at your desk for the rest of the day. No sitting. No bathroom. Hands can’t leave the keyboard”…”Lunch bet”

The best Fridays (or any lunch bet day for that matter) is when the side action overtakes the initial bet.  If the feat of strength is really out there, we can often get 8 or 10 separate lunches to change hands on one action.  Head to head feats of strength are also really exciting.

“I bet I can run a lap around the building while smoking a cigarette faster than you.” … “How about on bicycles?”… “Lunch Bet”

I know what you are saying. “Why don’t you just bet money?”  There is something to the lunch bet that makes it more than the money.  Sitting at whatever restaurant we go to and savoring every bite while the loser has to watch makes it special. You can’t get that just handing over $10.  We have been experimenting with the ‘Full-Service Lunch Bet’ (Drive me to lunch, refill my drink, get me more napkins, throw my trash away), but it hasn’t gotten great traction yet.

Going back to where I started, yesterday was a pay off on lunch bets day.  We had an “I bet you can’t hop to the fitting studio without setting down your 2nd leg” bet, an “I bet you can’t throw a football through the uprights from 50 yards” bet, and the boring golf outing bet.  As I said earlier, I love me some free lunch.

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  1. Cory says:

    Haha. This was very entertaining. Good Blog.

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  2. Gene says:

    Good stuff. However, when you wrote, “When he started to get cocky and say he could do it right now in his work clothes…” I expected to see a guy in slacks and dress shoes. Regardless, still worth the read.

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