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Just wanted to congratulate all of you on your submissions to Jrae’s Brainteaser Contest!  We were thrilled with the responses we got, and it is good to know that our readers are extremely intelligent.  We drew the winner and we are happy to say congratulations to Brian W. for being the first ever blog contest winner.  Brian will receive a First Run, Limited Edition CG15; one of 250 that were made!

Keep those brains sharp readers!  You never know when we might post another brainteaser for you!

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  1. Ruth Ryan says:

    Hi Cleveland Golf,

    I found your post via a facebook friend here in Ireland. You said that December is a slow month in terms of golf – and you asked for ideas, I suppose “to while away the hours” etc.. I thought you might like to know that in the whole of the world, there has only ever been one play written, with a golfing theme. It’s called “Down the Middle”, and is a three act comedy by acclaimed Irish (Athlone) playwright P.G.O’Dea. In an ideal world, it should form part of any true golfer’s obligatory reading material ( an ideal time being that dictated by the weather), because it provides a very humorous slant on the game of golf – as viewed in the earlier part of the last century

    Very best wishes, and great golfing!
    Ruth Ryan (AKA P.g.Playwright}

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