I’d like to start off this post by giving you a little background information on my partner. He has been building clubs since 1990 and for Cleveland Golf since 2006. His mechanical engineering degree helps him with understanding how the metals will react and behave in the building process. We have been having a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of each other on the building and fitting process. A perfect example of this is the fitting below.

The one fit that stood out to us this week was with a set of CG 7 Black Pearl Irons. Below, on the left, is what the gentleman was playing before our fit, and on the right is what we fit him into.

Before Fit After Fit

Shaft Length- STD                                 Shaft Length- 1/2” Shorter

Lie Angle- 2 Degrees Flat                       Lie Angle- STD

Shaft- Project X 6.0 120g Steel               Shaft- 75g A Flex Graphite

Iron Head- Callaway X-22 Tour                Iron Head- 3i/4i DST Hybrid, CG 7 Black Pearl

The two major aspects of his old equipment that were working against him was the shaft length and the overly stiff shafts. With the shaft length being even a ½” too long, he was striking the ball on the toe. With shafts too long for a player, it is very common to strike the ball on the toe and not in the center of the clubface. The other factor not helping him was the Project X 6.0 shafts. By putting him into our lightweight graphite shafts, in an A flex, he was able to square up the clubface much easier at impact, thus increasing his ability to strike the ball in the center of the clubface resulting in more distance. This man mentioned that when he hit a 7 iron well he would hit it 140 yards.  With the correct fit he was averaging 158 with his 7 iron. Even a few simple tweaks could really help you get the most out of your equipment.

Does anyone have fitting or Cleveland Golf equipment questions?




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  1. Monty says:

    Great insight to the fitting by showing before and after. What I would be interested to know is some of the physical attributes of the individual. ,Height, build, swing speed, etc. This will be enlightening to me.

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  2. Frank says:

    Great point Monty. I will try and incorporate that information in the future.

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  3. Joe Roundtree says:

    I just bought a used set of tour action clubs Ta5, clubs are in great shape. I was reading your article about shaft length. The 3 & 4 iron had ball marks on the toe. I’m 6’1 would these clubs be to short for me. I tryed to find some info on your web site about the clubs but wasn’t able to. I also have a clev-launcher-comp 9.5 stiff, it is much easier to hit than my ping was. My clubs aren’t new but for used clubs they look great.
    Would like some info about the clubs if possible.

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