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We are going to be starting what we are calling “The Building Series.” In this series we’ll be going through step by step what we do on the Tech Van when we build your fitted clubs on the spot. For this first post we are going to show you our Mitchell Lie and Loft machine and how we use it in the building process.

We use the lie and loft machine to make sure the clubs lie and loft are correct before we build them as well as changing the lie and loft. We can change the lie angle of the clubs flat or upright and bend the loft strong or weak if necessary. Making your lofts strong means that you are taking loft off the clubs. For instance, we would bend a club with 56 degrees of loft to 55 degrees to make it a degree strong. To make a club one degree weak, we would bend it to 57 degrees. Once we grab the club heads were going to build we check to make sure that they match the standard specs. If they don’t, we make the necessary changes to make sure the lie angle is correct to what the customer was fit for. Continue reading below to see the steps we go through to make a set of CG 7 Black Pearls 2 degrees upright for a customer we fit last week.

In this picture we are putting the clubhead into place.

Here we are making sure the shaft is flush with our machine to make sure we get an accurate reading of the lie angle.

The club was at set at a standard lie of 62.5 for a 7 iron. In this instance the customer needs his clubs to be bent to 2 degrees upright from our standard specs .(62.5 degrees to 64.5 degrees)  Some clubs you have to put more effort to move the angle over others. Typically, cast clubs require more effort then forged clubs. This is due to the softer metal of forged clubs.

After we bend the clubhead we have to check to see that the clubs angle has moved to the correct position of 64.5 degrees which it has.

Check back for our next post to read about the next step in our building process.

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  1. Dan Bo says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing this with everybody. I always played my irons a little bit upright to help counter my fade.

    Sincerely Dan Bo
    Pro Tour Builder
    San Diego, CA

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  2. Jerry Beal says:

    I have a set of cg 7 red tour irons. What happens to the lie angle if I add 3/8 inch to the club?


    Jerry Beal

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  3. Jerry Beal says:

    own a set of cg7 tour irons. would like to add 3/8 inch to them. what will that do to the lie angle

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  4. Meat Slicers says:

    Just wondering if you took any writing or editorial classes? You write so well! Maybe you should consider some payed writing pieces. Just a thought! – Kim

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  5. Wow, you have a strange approach, I wouldn’t take it that seriously though :/

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  6. sfortuin says:

    Jerry the actual measured lie on the clubs would NOT change. However, since the club is now longer the lie will play as though it is more upright and will need to be adjusted a little flatter. I know your next question will be how much. In theory it should be between .5° to 1°. However to be sure – you need someone who knows what they are doing to watch you hit balls and take some measurements.

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