A few weeks ago we gave you readers an introduction to the schedule of PGA Tour QSchool.  We are proud to say that 28 Cleveland Staffers have advanced to the Second Stage.  I was able to catch up with a few of our staffers and get some of their thoughts on the stresses of the process and what they are looking forward to the most in the next few weeks and months.

How many times have you been to QSchool?

“Only once previously.” – Adam Hadwin

“This is my fourth time at QSchool, I have made it to second stage three of the four years.”  – Charlie Beljan

“This is my 4th time (3rd time to 2nd stage)” – Russell Knox

“This is my first time.” – Will Wilcox

Have you changed your approach at all since your first experience with QSchool?

If anything just to stay more patient and play more conservatively the first few rounds.” – Adam


“This was the first year I changed my approach, I figured what I was doing in the past was not

working.  I decided to take a few months of during the middle of the season, so that way when

QSchool rolled around I was refreshed and excited to play, whereas before I was just ready for the

season to end so I could rest.” – Charlie Beljan

“This being my first time, I am just trying to stay calm and remain positive.  I just found something

in my putting that really excites me.” – Will Wilcox

Would you say you are more nervous or excited during the whole process?

“If anything I am more excited.  Obviously nerves play a factor but overall more excited.” – Adam


“I use to be as nervous a train wreck, now I am just excited at the opportunity.  I am

really looking forward to the challenge, making the next step in my career, and

that’s very exciting to think about.”  – Charlie Beljan

“I am very excited, but I’m nervous as well. A lot of people expect me to make it and it’s tough to

do. Hopefully this is my year.”  – Russell Knox

What do you have planned for the offseason?

“Ah, the offseason is my favorite time of year.  I really enjoy riding motorcycles, both Harley

cruisers, and sport bikes also known as crotch rockets.  I am a huge fan of the water sports; being

towed behind the boat while I air chair is one of my favorite things to do.  Most of all I enjoy being

home; spending time with my family and all of my pets.” – Charlie Beljan

“I want to not have an off season. That means I’m off to Hawaii

If not I’m taking up tennis.” – Russell Knox

“I am playing the winter series in Orlando to stay sharp, that way I can start off next year in

midseason form.” – Will Wilcox

When looking back at your season performance, how much does QSchool factor into your view of success or failure?

“Not a big factor.  Yes it’s disappointing not to move up to a bigger tour but QSchool is a very

difficult process and it’s hard to be playing your best golf for a week at a time with weeks in

between.” – Adam Hadwin

“Well I would say it plays a huge factor, if you get through it can change your life, and at least your

plans for the next year, however when I look at my year if I have a win in an event such as a

gateway tour or a big state open I would say its successful, you can only beat the guys you get to

play against so if you can achieve that I think it’s a successful year.”  – Charlie Beljan

“I have had a great year and achieved more than I thought I would so it’s an outstanding season no

matter what happens at QSchool.” – Will Wilcox

Would you say QSchool has more, less or the same amount of pressure as a season tournament?

“It is what you make it, it’s still just four rounds of golf like any other tourney however the stakes are much higher.  You don’t have to win, but you have to play well at each stage.  So, overall I would say that there is more pressure than any regular season event.” – Charlie Beljan

“I think QSchool has the same level of pressure as a regular tournament, but I have yet to play at final stage, which I envision to be a little different.” – Russell Knox

“The pressure of QSchool is pretty intense but I am doing everything the same as I normally would so I don’t freak myself out.” – Will Wilcox

Has your schedule or routine changed at all since the first stage started?

“Big time, I injured my hand ten days before first stage didn’t get a chance to practice except for my putting.  Since first stage I have played one round of golf and only hit about fifty golf balls, but have had the opportunity to work on my chipping and putting everyday, which for me is very important.  So pretty much every day is a Sunday; I get to spend hours chipping and putting with the guys at Alta Mesa Country Club in Mesa, Arizona which is tuff to beat this time of year.” – Charlie Beljan

“My routine has been pretty much the same all year. Quality practice for short periods of time, then relax with the girlfriend.” – Russell Knox

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