Tom completed his presentation for his new clubs, so this will be our last blog for the series.  The presentation went well, so we gave Tom the components for his ideal set for him to build.  Here’s Tom with his overall thoughts on the project and his new set.


Hey all,

So I made it through my presentation.  It wasn’t as bad as anticipated.  Everyone spoke a big game, but it was rather laid back and we just discussed everything so I was able to learn even more about golf clubs.  I was told to mention what clubs I decided were best for me.  It’s a little difficult because some of the clubs are not yet available to you guys, but let me tell you they are amazing.


Essentially, I equipped myself with one of the new drivers that are coming out in 2011, also a new 15° 3-wood that is coming out in 2011, our new Hybrid (totally awesome), a set of CG7 Black Pearl Irons (2° upright), a CG15 wedge set (52°, 56°, & 60° mid bounce), and a Never Compromise putter (35”).  Also, I custom fit myself for a TriSpeed golf ball, which flies forever.


All told, it was a good introductory project.  I learned about all of the clubs that are used and what performance aspects of each make them function the way that they do.  I started to understand the differences and similarities between clubs and am looking forward to continuing this.


I hoped you enjoyed reading these blogs as much as I did writing them.  Good luck with the brainteaser and with the wedge drawing.

This is the last logic problem, so the drawing for the “First Run” CG15 wedge is close.  Everyone who submits an answer will be entered, and the first one to get the answer correct will win a CG Tour hat.  Congratulations to Jason for winning last week’s puzzle (2:12 and 9:48 am and pm).  Thanks for all those who have submitted responses thus far.  We’ve received tons of cleaver, creative, funny, and entertaining responses.

The CG line:  Three clever logic problem solvers (and CG blog readers) took a tour of Cleveland Golf.  While here we gave them a logic problem that, if they got right, they would all win a set of Cleveland clubs.  We lined them up front to back and showed them 5 hats, 2 red and 3 blue.  We then blindfolded them, put one of the hats on each person, discarded the other two, and removed the blindfolds.  So the third person in line could see the other two hat colors, the second person could only see the first person’s hat, and the first person couldn’t see any hats.  One person had to guess his hat color correctly (without communicating) and they would all win clubs, otherwise none would win.  After a few moments, the first guy in line said “My hat color is ____________” and was right.  What color did he say and why?

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  1. Andrew says:

    Blue as there is a higher percentage of getting a blue hat.

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  2. Jason Rockhold says:

    He said his hat was blue because the other two had red hats on. Since there are only two red hats, there is no way it could be red. Blue is the only other choice.

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  3. MJ Martin says:

    Blue, He made a good guess.

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  4. Dan Summers says:

    RED! He took it off and looked at it.

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  5. Peter says:

    If the third person in line saw 2 red hats he would know that his is blue and announce his color. Since he did not, he either sees two blue hats or a blue and a red hat. The 2nd person would know this as well. If he saw a red hat he would know his is blue. If he sees a blue hat he does not know his color. Since he does not answer, the first person in line knows that his hat is blue.

    I hope this answer didn’t lose anything in the transcription from my thoughts to the keyboard. lol

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  6. todd says:

    Blue because the two discarded red hats were on the floor.

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