This past weekend we had a great time at some of the Dallas areas best tracks. Out of all the fits we did last week, one stood out to Simon and I. We fit this gentleman into a Launcher DST 9 degree with the stock 44 gram Red Diamana shaft in a regular flex. With this driver he increased his ball speed from 131 mph to 137 mph, his launch angle increased from 10.8 degrees to 11.9 degree and his total distance increased by 9 yards! His old driver specs were, 9.5 degrees of loft with a 65 gram stiff shaft. That club was working against him rather than for him.

Doing the Tech-Van day at TPC Las Colinas was a very special experience for a couple of reasons. For one, there is a lot of history with that golf club and the late-great Mr. Byron Nelson. The large statue they have right before the first tee box is stunning. The things Mr. Nelson did for the Dallas area, and the game of golf, is something anyone can appreciate.

While working on the range, we got a visit which we did not expect. John Rollins from the PGA Tour stopped by and approached the van wondering if we could re-grip his driver. Well how could we say no to that?! The grip that was on his club was bothering him; it was a little crooked. Luckily we had the Tour Velvet grip with the “reminder” on the back of the grip that he was looking for. John likes one extra wrap under his left hand, which is not a problem at all. You might be asking yourself why the extra wrap just under the left hand. Some players like the feel of that extra wrap in one hand over the other. Another reason is that it actually slows that hand down in the downswing. So if you have quick hands and have a shut clubface at impact; try an extra wrap under the left hand to slow down the release of that hand. It will help your hook.

Since Simon and I are such big Chicago Cubs fans we though it was more than necessary to swing by their spring stadium, Hohokom Park, in Mesa Arizona on our way to Texas. It just so happened that Ron Santo, the 9 time All-Star and 5 time consecutive Gold Glove third baseman for the Cubs, was at the ballpark that day. Ron was at the stadium to rally up the Chicago Cubs fans to vote “Yes” on proposition 420, trying to keep the Cubs in Mesa and to build a new facility. After a brief presentation from the Mayor of Mesa, Scott Smith, Ron was nice enough to stay and sign autographs and take pictures with every single fan there!

Well…that’s our last 2 weeks in a nutshell. Check back for the next post, we’re headed to Houston. Anyone have any recommendations on where to eat? Visit?



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  1. Michael Grisaffi says:

    Where are you guys going to be in Houston?

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  2. Frank says:

    Hey Michael

    Sorry we have had a busy week. We were in the southwest Houston area.

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  3. Nick says:

    Frank -

    Great blog post! It’s amazing to see how much difference it makes to your driving distance when you get custom fit to a Cleveland driver. Seems like you guys are doing an awesome job in Texas. Keep up the hard work and go cubbies!

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  4. Terverx says:

    I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records

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  5. Don Williams says:

    Frank & Simon as usual you guys are the best ! I had a GREAT time & learned a bunch this past Oct. & Nov. Wish you both the best & happy holidays.

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  6. Ray Cherry says:

    Hey guys I just found your blog and have enjoyed the information. I’m a big Cleveland fan and currently play the CG1Tour irons with stiff Lite DG shafts. They work very well for me as a scratch player as I play in state and national tournaments as a 65 year old amateur. I was also one of the first to purchase your new Cleveland Classic drivers in the area with the 43 series Miyazaki C ku factory shaft as I just had to own it. I just come out of left hand surgery and the slower tempo swing gave me a great straight drive when I hit my start line. However, I can hit it much farther and when I healed more I started to swing harder and would hit a hook or strong fade. I love to work the ball , but I had to go back to a 65 gram shaft of the same type to regain control. I’ve heard the lighter is longer, but wouldn’t swing speed have something to do with the results or do I just need to work harder?

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  7. Shivam says:

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