So, it looks like I made it at least one more week.  For both of you who read my last post, I promised a ‘What’s in the bag’ edition. Fine, here is what I play or at least try to play…

Driver – Launcher DST 10.5, Red 44 R flex shaft

I switched from the HiBORE Monster Draw to this driver because it gets me a little more distance (lightweight technology!), but if I know I am playing a shorter course where the right side is death I tend to switch back to the Monster.  The Monster has a little more slice prevention in it, and as I wear down over 18 holes the slice becomes a serious problem.


Fairway – Launcher DST 15 and 19

I tend to hit fairway woods pretty well and pretty consistently so I carry a few and I think I could hit almost anything here.  I like the look of the Launcher, but to be completely honest I switched because it was the new fairway wood.

3-5 – HB3 Irons

Like most of us, I can use the help in the long irons so I switched out my cavity back irons for something with a little more forgiveness.  I find that these have a little more left in them than the rest of my irons, so I need to be conscious to aim slightly right of target.  I like these irons because they actually allow me to hit a 4 iron with confidence that it will go somewhat near where I am aiming.  That being said, when I get in trouble off the tee, I cannot use these clubs to shape a shot around the tree I just stuck myself behind.  These irons fly dead straight every time, all the time. I suppose I can imagine worse problems to have with a golf club.

6 – PW – CG7 Black Pearl

I just love the look of the black pearl.  If I could, I would probably black pearl my driver, fairway woods, car keys, dress shoes, and maybe even my dog.   The only thing relatively unique about my irons is that when we made the Hibore XL irons, we had a steel shaft that I thought looked really cool.  That shaft had a red section painted on the shaft coming out of the grip.  I liked it so much that I grabbed 50 shafts and have hid them at my desk ever since.  Both my HB3s and CG7s have those shafts and some red trimmed grips I saved from the CG Red iron days.  Nobody is saying that I have any taste, just that I know what I like.

Wedges – CG15 49 high bounce, 52 mid, 56 mid , 60 mid

I bent the 49 stronger and used it as a replacement for the PW in the CG7 set (though I still keep the PW in my bag as well).  Someday I will dedicate an entire blog to wedge sets and why wedges are important, so I will leave the logic for this decision for anther day.

Putter – Prototype

The putter is the only club in my bag that is not production.  About 6 years ago, we made some really expensive prototypes that were multiple pieces screwed and bolted together.  For me that was the best putter I have ever used and I can’t take it out of my bag.  The manager of the putter team likes to joke that it is the most expensive putter we ever made (about 5 prototypes for $10,000 in costs).  Maybe someday I will switch, but it will take something really special.

For those of you who pay close attention, you may have noticed that I have slightly more than 14 clubs in my bag.  When I first started, I was always carrying a few extra clubs just for testing, but I got used to having a heavy bag with more options so today I have no problems bringing a bag with 18 or 19 clubs, just to make sure I have the perfect tool for any situation.

Outside of the clubs, I have a Srixon hat with the magnetic section on the brim to holds my ball marker (coolest invention I have seen in years and nobody else gets excited about it besides me), about 10 used gloves, a lifetime supply of Cleveland Golf tees that are guaranteed to break after one shot, and about 18 balls.  I have some heavy involvement in the ball side as well, so I get enough balls that I can be slightly frivolous with them.  I like to take my used golf balls and drop them in the first cut of rough about 290-300 yards from the tee.  My thought is that someone will find the ball, think it must have come from a huge drive, so the golfer who hit it must be good, so the ball must be good, so who ever finds it will give it a shot.  I am just doing my part to get more golfers using the product.

If you are really astute, you noticed I didn’t mention what ball I play.  Feel free to jump over to the Srixon blog to check in with what ball I carry and why, that is unless I get cancelled…

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  1. MJ says:

    I have one ? for you Jrae, do you have to pay for those clubs.

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  2. jrae says:

    There are benefits to working in R&D. Getting clubs to ‘test’ is definitely one of them. :)

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  3. Sakman says:

    How about a little sneak peak of this putter? Thx!

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